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SES(sm) - Strategic Excellence System

Agile. Sustainable. Relevant. These are words not typically associated with strategic planning and governance of organizational performance. The Strategic Excellence System℠ is a web based application featuring a strategic planning and organizational measurement framework that facilitates the development, planning, and monitoring of your organizational priorities across your organization. The framework aligns directly with the Baldrige criteria and features a fully integrated organizational process flow that supports organizational collaboration, knowledge, and governance. Prioritization of your action plans aligns with organizational goals and objectives and considers the resources needed to deliver on the work committed.

The SES℠ provides an environment for collaboration, accountability, and data driven decision making; ensuring your strategic plan is always relevant and sustainable.  Gone are the days when your strategic plan is developed and monitored via countless numbers of spreadsheets!  A central point of entry ensures the most current version of information is available, system reports present the information needed to develop and monitor your plan. Performance against strategic and tactical plans is sustained for the duration of your strategic planning period featuring an agile approach to allow for changes in the plan based on the most important business priorities.

The home page for the system can be viewed at www.strategicexcellence.net. A complimentary overview of the system can be scheduled by calling the Excellence in Missouri Foundation at 573-659-1234. Evolve from the archaic approach of conducting strategic planning via spreadsheets. The Strategic Excellence System℠ is the only Baldrige based strategic planning system that facilitates full organizational integration using a web based set of tools designed to support agility and sustainability.

Criteria Change Webinar
Download the slides and audio from the 1/22/15 "2015-2016 Baldrige Criteria for Change Webinar"

Baldrige Evaluator Certification Program  

The Excellence in Missouri Foundation is proud to announce the launch of a new division. The Baldrige Institute offers an Evaluator certification program. By participating in the Baldrige Institute certification process, anyone with experience evaluating organizations using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence for a national or state Baldrige program may acquire a certification which validates and recognizes their Baldrige expertise. There are four different levels of certification, each dependent on a variety of requirements that you may apply for. For detailed information regarding the certification requirements, fees, forms, and a certification process calendar, please visit: www.baldrigeinstitute.org for more information.

Second Feedback Cycle - New Offering

EIMF is also proud to announce the launch of our Feedback-Only cycle, during the Fall. For those organizations who are interested in receiving a high-quality Feedback report, prepared by trained Examiners during an alternate cycle from the traditional Award cycle, this is for you! For more information, please contact the Excellence in Missouri Foundation at contact.us@excellenceinmo.org.

2015 Cycle Calendar of Event

Click here to download
Calendar and Application forms for Organization Applicants

If you are new to the Missouri Quality Award/Tiered Program processes and aren’t sure if you are ready to write an application, please contact our office to discuss additional options.

    Communities of Excellence

    EiMF is helping all Missouri communities become “Communities of Excellence!” As the forerunner in a national movement to bring performance excellence to the community level, EiMF has the resources to help engage YOUR community! Contact us for more information.

    Membership Program

    The Excellence In Missouri Foundation has a membership program so organizations can become more involved with the foundation.  No matter your organization’s size or budget, we offer varying levels of pricing and benefits, so that you can choose the membership that is right for you.  In addition, Missouri is leading the nation in creating “Communities of Excellence,” and we want your city to be next.  Visit the Members area for more information on the Membership program.