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Congratulations to the 2014 MISSOURI QUALITY AWARD RECIPIENTS 

Citizens Memorial Hospital & SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital

We are happy to congratulate Citizens Memorial Hospital & Health Care Foundation (Bolivar, MO) & SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital & SSM Health Medical Group (Jefferson City, MO) as this year's top level Award Recipients of the Missouri Quality Award. Citizens Memorial Hospital received the award in 2010 and St. Mary's Health Center in 2009. Congratulations to both organizations for their hard work and role model performance!

Both organizations will be recognized at the 2014 Award Banquet Luncheon on November 20, 2014 in Osage Beach, MO, at the Excellence in Missouri Foundation Conference. We look forward to celebrating with both organizations next month. We hope you can join us!

More information on both Recipient organizations will be available soon on this web site.  Information regarding the 2014 Award Banquet Luncheon or the Excellence in Missouri Foundation Conference is available on this site.  Go to the “Annual Conference” tab at the top of the page.

Missouri Quality Award

The program, modeled after the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, offers a thorough and objective educational process through which an organization can learn and apply quality implementation techniques and assessment methods.
Organizations participating in the Award process join a growing number of Missouri organizations that are dedicated to promoting quality as a vital element to enhancing customer satisfaction and operational performance. Through their willingness to help others, the Missouri Quality Award Recipients have encouraged other organizations to undertake their own quality improvement efforts.

Missouri Quality Award Process
The objectives of the Missouri Quality Award are to promote an understanding of the requirements for performance excellence and continuous improvement, and to stimulate sharing of improvement information on successful performance strategies and the benefits derived from using these strategies.

Award Participation
Any organization located in Missouri may participate in the MQA process. Separate Award categories are established for manufacturing, service, nonprofit, public sector, education, and health care. Within each eligibility category, Awards may be presented in the following size classes:

  * Small--less than 100 employees
  * Medium--100-499 employees
  * Large - 500 employees or more

Based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria for Performance Excellence, the MQA Criteria set a common standard of excellence for all organizations and are the basis for granting the Award and providing feedback to applicants. The Criteria focus on results, are non-prescriptive and adaptable, support a systems approach to organizational goal alignment, and permit goal-based diagnosis. The Criteria are updated every two years in order to reflect the leading edge of validated management practice.  The MQA program operates on the current year Criteria.

Click here to purchase the 2015-2016 Business/Nonprofit, Health Care, and Education Criteria from the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program (PDFs: $10 each; printed copies: $25 each plus shipping).

Application Requirements
Applicants must submit an application package that consists of three parts:

   1.  An Eligibility Determination Form showing that eligibility has been approved
2.  A completed Application Form
3.  An application report consisting of a Business Overview and responses to the Award Criteria.

Application Review
Applications are reviewed and evaluated by members of the Board of Examiners in accordance with strict rules regarding conflict of interest, in a four-stage process:

Stage 1 - independent review and evaluation by members of the MQA Board of Examiners;
Stage 2 - consensus review and evaluation for all applications;
Stage 3 - site visits to high-scoring applicants;
Stage 4 - Judges review and recommendations.

Feedback to Applicants
All applicants receive feedback reports at the conclusion of the review process. The feedback is based upon the applicant’s responses to the Award Criteria.

The Missouri Quality Award program is administered under a strict code of ethics which ensures that no applicant names are ever released unless they receive the MQA. In addition, any commentary and scoring information developed during the review are kept strictly confidential. Such information is available only to those individuals directly involved in the examination and only on those applications to which they are assigned.

Award fees have been established at modest levels to help defray expenses while still encouraging all eligible organizations to apply. Fees include a non-refundable payment that must accompany the Eligibility Determination Form, as well as a written application fee which is dependent upon the size of the organization. These fees are set to cover all expenses associated with distribution of applications, review of applications, and development of feedback reports.

Applicants reaching the Site Visit stage will be assessed an additional fee to cover expenses and travel costs associated with site visit participation and development of site visit reports. The site visit fees are set at the time visits are scheduled.

Site Visit
If selected for a Site Visit, a team from the Board of Examiners visits the Applicant to verify and clarify information in the written application.  Please see our Award Program FAQs for general Site Visit information.  A Site Visit Manual will be provided to each Applicant by the Award Office upon selection for a Site Visit.  Please contact the Award Office with any questions.

Tiered Program
The Excellence in Missouri Foundation proudly launched the new Tiered Program in 2013!  Whether your organization is brand new to the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, or well into the journey, there is a tiered level that will fit your needs.  Please see our Tiered Program page and Award Program FAQs for details, and contact us with any questions.