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Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners is comprised of volunteers from all sectors and levels of Missouri businesses. Members have backgrounds in business and industry, health care and education, trade and professional associations, universities, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations and also come to us from the ranks of the retired. The Board consists of Examiners and Senior Examiners. The MQA Board of Overseers selects the Board of Examiners. Senior Examiners are appointed from among the Board of Examiners, after having perfected and polished their skills as an MQA examiner. Appointments are subject to the conditions of involvement and Code of Ethical Standards described in the Examiner Application.

Examiners review, write an analysis of, and score written applications. They also participate in a consensus review process and site visit. In addition to their application review responsibilities, Board members contribute significantly to information-transfer activities by serving as spokespeople for the Award. Additionally, Senior Examiners lead consensus and site visit teams. The Panel of Judges review comments and scores, select applicants for site visits, review site visit reports and recommend Award Recipients to the Board of Overseers.

Each year, applications are solicited from individuals to serve as Examiners from the following year. Examiners who served on the Board previously are required to reapply if they wish to serve again. Each year approximately one-third of the Examiners are replaced to provide opportunities for participation by others. Thus, past applicants who have not been selected are encouraged to reapply. Nonetheless, due to the large number of applications, some highly qualified applicants may not be selected in order to balance the Board of Examiners from different sectors and different work experiences.

The Award Program seeks to constitute a board of experts capable of evaluating small, medium and large manufacturing, service, education, nonprofit, public sector and health care organizations. Sector coverage and balance are important selection considerations in order to best serve a wide variety of Award applicants. Efforts are made to ensure broad representation and to minimize disproportionate involvement of one sector, or employees from a single organization. Board members are selected on the basis of their personal qualifications and are not considered representatives of their employers or any other organization. Those selected meet the highest standards of qualifications.



Additional information about the Board of Examiners is available by downloading the Examiner Application:

2015 Examiner Application

(this file is available to download in Dropbox - you do not have to have a Dropbox account to access this file. If the "sign up" pop-up window appears, just close it to access the file and download it to your computer)

To submit, you can:

1. Download and Submit electronically (if you currently use an email application such as Microsoft Outlook)

2. Download application, then save and send as attachment to: contact.us@excellenceinmo.org

OR 3. Fill out application, print; fax or mail (return information in application)

For more information, please contact us or by phone (573)659-1234


If you would like to attend the Baldrige 101 Workshop WITHOUT participating in the full 2015 Examiner Process, please use this registration form.

This 2-day Baldrige 101 Workshop for Examiners and Non-Examiners will be held in Jefferson City, Missouri on March 5 & 6. The Cost to attend for non-Examiners is $450.

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