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Recipients of the Missouri Quality Award (MQA) join a growing number of Missouri organizations that are dedicated to promoting quality as a vital element to enhancing customer satisfaction and operational performance. Since the inception of the award in 1992, recipients have been regarded as role models for successful quality strategies. Through their willingness to help others, MQA recipients have encouraged other organizations to undertake their own quality improvement efforts. 

As your business faces increasing marketplace challenges, it is vital to respond with enhanced customer satisfaction, performance and quality. In the most competitive business sectors, world-class organizations are able to achieve and maintain a score above 70% on the Missouri Quality Award scale. However, a score of about 25% would be far more typical of most Missouri organizations.

Where would your organization land on the spectrum?  In an increasingly competitive market, this is an important question to answer.


The Excellence in Missouri Foundation provides a variety of workshops throughout the year to serve the needs of our clients and help them succeed in their performance improvement journey.  Please check our Workshops Information page periodically for future workshop dates, and take a look at our other service options for additional services tailored to your needs.

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