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Missouri Quality Award: Fees, Forms & Calendar

As your business faces increasing marketplace challenges every day, it is vital to be able to respond with enhanced customer satisfaction, performance, and quality. By using the Missouri Quality Award Criteria for Performance Excellence, you can assess your organization's level of achievement and gain valuable insight into improving its overall performance.

When your organization applies for the Missouri Quality Award, you will experience an external assessment tailored to your organization through a focus on its critical success factors, strategy, and customer focus. The Award Criteria will provide you with a framework for achieving and perfecting performance excellence, and the resulting feedback report from the Award's Board of Examiners will detail your organization's strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Past applicants have repeatedly said that using the Award Criteria in assessment led them to the integration and alignment of numerous activities which had previously been loosely connected. It also provided them with an effective means to measure progress and focus everyone in the organization on the same goals.

In the most competitive business sectors, world-class organizations are able to achieve and maintain a score above 70% on the Missouri Quality Award scale. However, a score of about 25% would be far more typical of most Missouri organizations. Where would your organization land on the spectrum? In an increasingly competitive market, this is an important question to answer.

While there are many benefits to applying for the Missouri Quality Award, if you decide that you are not ready for that step, the Excellence in Missouri Foundation has other products that can get you started on your quality journey.  Please visit Our Services menu for more information regarding additonal product offerings.

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Application Forms

The following forms can be downloaded for use in MS Word. For more information, please contact us or by phone at (573) 659-1234.

 * 2015 Applicant Checklist - coming soon
2015 MQA Intent to Apply Form
 * 2015 MQA Application Form 
 * Tips to Reduce PDF size
 * 2015 Application Style Manual 
 * 2015 MQA Cycle Calendar

If you would like information about applying to be an examiner for the Missouri Quality Award, please refer to the Examiner page.