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America needs Baldrige! From our classrooms to our boardrooms, The Excellence in Missouri Foundation strives to help improve all sectors of our communities and make Missouri organizations more competitive in the global economy. Since 1992, the Excellence in Missouri Foundation has helped hundreds of private and public sector organizations improve their performance and business results through the use of the Malcolm Baldrige Award criteria and the Missouri Quality Award program.

Now EIMF offers a way for your organization to become even more involved in pursuing performance excellence. Become an individual or organizational member of EIMF, and you can automatically join a local Baldrige Community of Excellence (BCOE) chapter! Through regular meetings, you can network with other organizations, share best practices, and learn more about Baldrige and how you can deploy one of the country’s top 10 management models. These meetings are a key to helping organizations get on track, stay on track, and accelerate their journey to performance excellence. The support provided by these community groups leads to mutual learning and breakthrough improvements for our members.

“This is a wonderful model for further deploying the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence throughout the country and improving our national performance and competitiveness,” Harry S. Hertz, Director of the Baldrige National Quality Program. Missouri is leading the way in promoting performance excellence for all of our communities. Only through concentrated efforts of support, sharing best practices, and continuous improvement can we affect the changes that we hope to see in our communities. Our members have access to discounts and tools, as well as a wealth of knowledge from experts in the Baldrige model, which can be used to help each member on its journey toward performance excellence.

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