Welcome to the Excellence in Missouri Foundation


As a part of our mission to lead organizations in the pursuit of performance excellence, we’ve developed a package of benefits to add value to our members’ commitment to the Excellence in Missouri Foundation. Individual and organizational members are eligible for these benefits, which include:

Membership Benefits

* Free Membership into local BCOE group if applicable (other charges may apply, i.e. meal fees)
* Listing on EIMF website- coming soon!
* * 10% Discount Off Full-Price Conference Registration Fees-$25 minimum value each
* Up to 6 New Members on Board of Examiners, FREE!-$350 value for each

Fee Structure:

Individual Memberships
* Individuals-$250

Organizational Memberships (additional benefits come with these Memberships, see printed list for details)
* 2-50 FTE-$250
* 51-75 FTE-$500
* 76-99 FTE-$750
* 100-199 FTE-$1200
* 200-499 FTE-$2000
* 500+ FTE-$3000

Premium Memberships 
* Stakeholder-$3500+
* Supporter-$5000+
* Collaborator-$10,000+
* Facilitator-$20,000+
* Leader-$35,000+
* Visionary-$50,000+
* Partner-$75,000+

For a printable list of member benefits, click here.