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Professional Services

Understanding and Implementing the Baldrige Management Model

Understanding the Baldrige management model can be a daunting task, and implementing the concepts contained in the model can be even more challenging. EIMF has the expertise and know-how to explain these concepts in terms all employees can understand, and develop techniques that can produce successful implementation in a relatively short period of time. In addition, EIMF can conduct assessment training (Show Me Challenge or Show Me More) on site to teach organizations how to conduct a variety of Baldrige based assessments, and can participate in the assessment process as desired. Many organizations have relied on Foundation staff to help drive performance excellence in their business practices. Competitive fees are charged for customized training and other professional services. For more information on our comprehensive professional services, email us at contact.us@excellenceinmo.org or call 573-659-1234.

Application Development

EIMF can assist your organization in developing a Missouri Quality Award or Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award application. Services include meeting with your staff to train them on the Criteria and the application and assessment processes, developing an application development strategy, assessing the application as it is being developed to ensure it is the best possible product and accurately reflects the organization's performance, and working with your application team to prepare them for the site visit experience. Once the feedback from the assessment is received, EIMF will also analyze that feedback and facilitate development of action plans to address the high priority requirements.

Performance Excellence Tools

We are often asked by organizations to help improve or develop a particular area of their business. EIMF is skilled at providing assistance with the following performance excellence tools:

Strategic Planning - EIMF can provide training on strategic planning, assist an organization in developing a strategic planning process, facilitate development of a strategic plan, help develop a plan deployment process, and assist in deploying the plan throughout the entire organization. Foundation staff members have worked with numerous organizations of all types to develop effective approaches to strategy and plan development and deployment.

Balanced Scorecard - EIMF can bring a customized training workshop to organizations to educate employees on the Balanced Scorecard measurement system or provide specialized services to facilitate development and deployment of a Scorecard within your organization. Foundation staff members have many years of experience with the Balanced Scorecard, and have worked extensively with organizations of all types to assist in developing this highly effective measurement approach.

Customer Relationship Management - EIMF can provide training on customer relationship management to help organizations understand how to determine customer needs and preferences, how to build long-lasting relationships, and how to determine customer satisfaction. EIMF can also develop customer needs and satisfaction determination instruments for organizations to use, and can provide support in the customer satisfaction determination process.

Human Resource Management - EIMF possesses expertise in methods to generate a high performing work force including the effective design of work systems, the development and use of teams, motivating employees, determining employee needs and preferences, and determining employee satisfaction. EIMF can provide training and other professional services in each of these areas.

Benchmarking - EIMF can provide training on how to conduct benchmarking activities and collect comparative data to help organizations understand how to use this technique to improve processes and set goals and targets for the future.