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Focused Assessments

The Excellence In Missouri Foundation developed the Focused Assessment process to enable organizations to receive an evaluation of processes that are undergoing or have undergone an improvement cycle. This process was developed based on feedback from Missouri Quality Award (MQA) applicants that asked for an objective evaluation of key actions taken that stemmed from their feedback in the interim between MQA applications.

The Focused Assessment Process:

  • * The areas to be assessed are based on the items in the MQA Criteria for Performance Excellence
  • * Preparation required:
    • * Development of a pictorial (figure, diagram, flow-chart, etc.) of the process, topic, or item to be assessed
    • * Review of the item questions
    • * Collection of appropriate documentation
  • * EIMF will spend one day on site for each item selected for an assessment.
  • * The assessment will follow the same format as the MQA assessments:
    • * Meetings will be held with the subject matter experts on the topic.
    • * Pertinent existing documentation will be reviewed.
    • * Walk-arounds will be conducted to talk to those affected by the topic.
  • * EIMF will develop a feedback report after the assessment in the same format as the MQA Feedback Report. The only difference is that the Opportunities for Improvement may add best practice sources that the organization can learn from in order to improve performance in those topic areas.
  • * After receipt of the feedback report, an electronic or phone meeting will be held to discuss the findings in the report.

For more information, email contact.us@excellenceinmo.org or call 573-659-1234.