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Show Me Commitment

The Show Me Commitment is a top-level assessment that allows an organization to receive feedback on its progress toward performance improvement without applying for the Missouri Quality Award. Participation in this level of assessment requires the organization to develop, as a minimum, a five page Organizational Profile (OP) to describe itself to a team of examiners who will conduct the assessment. The guidelines for developing the OP are contained in the Missouri Quality Award Criteria for Performance Excellence. If possible, the organization should also submit some performance-related information based on the seven Criteria Categories as a prelude to the assessment.

A team of examiners, typically consisting of from three to five people, and often including members of the organization, will review the materials provided, prepare a site visit plan, conduct the site visit and write a feedback report for the organization. This approach provides the most comprehensive assessment the organization can undergo short of a Missouri Quality Award application and typically produces a set of highly valuable opportunities for improvement. For more information please contact us or phone 573-659-1234.