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2014 Annual EMC Conference - November 19 & 20 - Tan-Tar-A, Lake of the Ozarks

Three Separate Levels of Learning - "Tracks" - Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced in Baldrige - We've got you covered!

Select the level of learning you are currently on by attending sessions which were designed to meet our attendees at the knowledge base of their Baldrige understanding.  Beginners will learn the basics of what Baldrige is, terminology, and how the Criteria is organized to help on the road to performance excellence!  Intermediate learners can attend sessions to build upon their basic knowledge and help them on their road to continuous improvement.  Advanced learners will be given the knowledge and best practices to take their organizations from where they are to the top award level of understanding!


TOP Nationally Known Speakers - SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS:

Ken Schrader - Pro-Racecar Driver
Ken Schrader, professional racecar driver, will be the highlight of the Missouri Quality Awards banquet as he brings his charming, witty, and genuine personality to present on the likenesses between performance excellence, processes, and innovation in the field of racing and how they closely resemble the Baldrige business model for organizational excellence.

 Dr. JoAnn Sternke, Pewaukee S.D.
Dr. JoAnn Sternke of Pewaukee School District has become somewhat of a national celebrity upon her organization’s securing the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2013.  Since then, she has made numerous appearances for conference presentations around the nation.  The Excellence in Missouri Conference is fortunate enough to have secured her for a FULL DAY of Education Sector learning as she guides Missouri educators through each of the Categories and how her school district addresses the Criteria in each. 

Dr. Mark Blazey, Author - Baldrige Expert
Dr. Mark Blazey, author of the original and updated versions of Insights to Performance Excellence, is a nationally known performance excellence expert who will be presenting two very important ½ day workshops for those beginning in Baldrige and those who known the basics and want to learn more!  Dr. Blazey will offer Baldrige 101 workshop on the first ½ day of the conference and Baldrige 201 during the second ½ day of the conference.  Criteria knowledge on two levels of understanding, straight from a nationally-known presenter on Baldrige topics equals GREAT VALUE!


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