Checking Granite Countertops for Radon

People enjoy their granite countertops, though some now consider them also prevalent and choose products such as quartz or quartzite. However there’s one more reason some segue from granite. They might fret that it will send out radon, an anemic, odorless radioactive gas that comes from the all-natural malfunction of rocks as well as natural rocks.

Are granite kitchen counters a genuine threat? Because January is Radon Action Month, this is a great time to discover all you can around potential threats of radon in granite and also elsewhere in your house. Here are some regularly asked questions regarding radon.

Why is radon an opportunity with granite?
Like all rocks, granite might consist of naturally taking place contaminated components like radium, uranium and thorium. Some items of granite have more of these aspects than others. These radioactive elements are solids, but, with time, they may decay into radon, claims the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Are the degrees of radon in granite countertops unsafe?
Since granite isn’t very porous and also large amounts of it aren’t generally used in many single-family residences, the radon isn’t likely to escape in a considerable enough quantity to potentially create troubles, claims Brian Hanson, a specialist with the National Radon Program Services at Kansas State College. Moreover, kitchens, bathrooms and various other rooms that might have granite are usually well aerated, which may minimize the dangers, he states.

Robert Emery, DrPH, vice president of safety and security, wellness, atmosphere, and also risk monitoring at the College of Texas, Health and wellness Scientific research Facility acknowledges, stating, “From released scientific literary works, it seems that the quantity of radon from granite counter tops is tiny. The decision whether to use it or tear it out if it’s already in a house you acquire truly ends up being an individual decision regarding what products you bring into your house– comparable to whether to utilize standard paints or those with only no or low-VOC compounds.”

A greater danger is radon coming from dirt under a residence’s foundation and also radon in well water, says Hanson.

OK, so the threat from granite is ‘minuscule.’ But exactly how typical is radon in UNITED STATE residences generally?
The EPA claims that about among every 15 houses throughout the country, whether new or old, has raised radon degrees. Radon that comes from the soil is the primary reason for radon problems, the EPA says; the gas moves up from the ground and also into your house through fractures and also various other openings as well as gaps in the foundation.

What is a risk-free versus hazardous radon degree?
All houses have some degree of radon. The UNITED STATE average for interior radon levels is 1.3 picocuries per litre (pCi/L), the EPA says. The firm also suggests all homes that evaluate at or over 4 pCi/L be reduced to reduced levels. Testing is the only way to recognize what level of radon your residence has. Make sure you get radon-free granite, buy granite countertops from Chain of Lakes Granite.

What does a radon examination involve?
The test is straightforward when it includes determining your house’s air. According to the EPA, you might buy a diy set by contacting your state’s radon program, at a home renovation store or with the National Radon Program Provider at Kansas State University.

Checking your granite counter tops for radon is generally more costly, calling for extra innovative tools and the competence of a qualified radon mitigation expert, who still may not be able to show the percentage of interior radon attributable to granite. You can discover an expert by accessing the American Organization of Radon Researchers as well as Engineers’ web site. Checking costs might differ.

Besides problem for your family’s health, you might need to know your radon degrees if you intend to offer, given that the majority of buyers will desire proof of reduced levels or may request a test.

If a residence has a high degree of radon, exactly how hard is it to fix?
The price to reduce dirt may run $1,500, though treating well water is greater– about $2,000 approximately, says Hanson. The EPA has some suggestions on just how to discover contractors to help fix your residence.

If you build a residence, what safeguards should you take?
Make sure a contractor makes use of radon-resistant brand-new construction, which involves sealing openings, splits and holes in a concrete foundation and wall surfaces to help avoid radon as well as various other dirt gases from entering, as well as mounting a vent pipeline from the crushed rock layer via the home and also roofing system to help vent away gases. If your house utilizes well water, filter systems can be set up, claims Emery. Do not count on geology maps showing radon zones, which might be dated; get an examination, he claims.

The EPA advises that radon area maps shouldn’t be made use of to figure out whether a house needs to be examined. Homes with raised radon levels can be located throughout the nation, the company states, and also all houses need to be examined, period.

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