How to start a blog that you can turn into a business

However, there are those who start out backward more and more bloggers start their businesses as an extension of their publications, and it makes sense!

One of the biggest challenges new businesses face is building an audience for their products. Bloggers often work backwards and forwards, building an audience first by building an audience based on the consistent good content they publish, and then by exploring other ways to monetize their traffic.

It’s easy to start a blog if you just want to have fun. Now, if you want to make money as a blogger in the future, you’ll have to strategically set it up for success.

This guide will guide you through what you need to know to start a blog and turn it into a source of traffic and income. Although it is aimed at those who have not yet started a business, it also applies to any company that wants to start a blog.

You’re reading one right now.

A blog or “web log” is a website where you add and update content regularly. Unlike other types of posts and articles, blogs tend to have a more personal tone that helps you connect more deeply with your audience.

People start blogging for all kinds of reasons, for example:

Share their opinions, hobbies or the things they see in their lives.
Pass on your knowledge to others.
Create an email list.
Develop your personal brand as an expert.
Sell products or services.
A combination of any or all of the above.
For these reasons, blogs can be incredibly satisfying, especially when a perfect stranger starts to consume your content, but don’t forget that a blog is also a compromise.

Regardless of how often you publish, whether daily, weekly or monthly, it is important that you are as consistent and coherent as possible, not only in terms of how often you publish, but also in terms of the type of content.

Bloggers usually don’t see results right away, so remember why you’re doing it, as this will help you maintain your motivation in the early stages.

The hardest part about blogging is finding the time and ideas to make it consistent. Actually, getting started is pretty simple. Starting a blog with the intention of doing business boils down to the following steps, let’s see in detail:

Consider different opportunities to make money.
Choose an audience to target and serve.
Select a blog platform, a domain name and create your blog.
Establish the basis for distribution.
Plan your publishing strategy.
If you’re wondering why we’re talking about making money in the first place, it’s because we have to think more like an entrepreneur than just a blogger to make this a profitable business.

Different ways to make money as a blogger
Depending on the type of publication you decide to start, there are a lot of ways you can monetize your blog. However, for some reason, people tend to think of ads first. The truth is that there are better and faster ways to make money with your blog, without the need for a massive volume of daily visits to your site. This is doubly true if you manage to build a loyal audience, rather than a large-scale audience.

You can make money blogging at:

Sell physical products that align with your audience, whether it’s T-shirts or hot sauce.
Sell digital products such as resumes, photos or designs that you create once and sell recurrently.
Sell services such as: writing, consulting and design.
Publish a book and sell it as a physical or digital product.
Affiliate with another brand and receive a commission each time you sell their product.

Receive donations from platforms like Patreon.
Carry out analysis / paid promotions for some brands.
There are multiple opportunities to monetize your blog, but to be successful, you have to enjoy what you post. More than making money, the important thing is that you know who your audience is and how you will serve them.

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