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If you’ve ever wondered if your dog really understands you when you talk to him we have some good news: science has already found the answer.

Dogs are able to integrate the words we say and how we say them, understanding the meaning of what we convey through speech.

These conclusions, published in the journal Science, were reached by a team of Hungarian scientists, after conducting a study in which 13 canines were trained to stand still on an MRI scanner.

The research analyzed the brain activity of the hairy while listening to their trainers and observed that, like people, dogs process the meaning of words with their left hemisphere, while with the right hemisphere they perceive the tone in which they are pronounced.

“This shows that for dogs a good eulogy can work as a reward, but it would work even better if the words and their intonation correspond,” says the principal investigator of this study, Attila Andics, from Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest).

The existence of these neural mechanisms in our four-legged friends indicates that the ability to analyze the meaning of words and their intonation can evolve even in the absence of language.

The results of this study to understand how dogs interpret human language can also contribute to more efficient communication between dogs and humans. you, before you heard this news, were you convinced that your dog understood you? tell us why!

Look who is back. Attractive young lady is grinning broadly while patting and caressing her cute pet dog.


People do not eat the same way when we are children as when we are old. Nor
We need the same thing if we have a lot of hard work and physical activity as if we spend the day sitting in an office.

The same goes for our animals. Depending on their age, they need different types of food. When they are young they spend the day sleeping, when they are adults they are most active, and in their mature years they need a greater supply of concrete nutrients to maintain themselves in the best conditions.

Ultima de Affinity’s products, special for each stage of our pet’s life, help us to explain it in more detail:

During the first year of life, the main objective of feeding our pets should be to promote the development of the animal. They must grow healthy and strong, so vitamins, minerals, and proteins must be present in a complete diet. Ultima Junior has all this and, in addition, has fish oil among its ingredients, which promotes the development of your eyesight and intelligence.

Once this stage is over, we enter the adulthood of our pet. They will want to play, run, research…. these are very active years, in which having protein for their muscles and calories in the case of dogs is very important. With cats you have to be more careful: although they also need energy, after castration it is important to measure the calories and fat they consume.

It is also time to start thinking about the future, with a composition that takes care of your digestion in the case of dogs and maintains a healthy urinary tract in the case of cats. All this is achieved with Ultima Adult.


And we’ve reached the most mature stage. With Ultima Senior we will offer vitamin D to the dogs so that their dental health is optimal, proteins and antioxidants that help their joints stay in better condition.

As for the cats, with a moderate level of fat, calories, and fiber, it helps our cat to control its appetite and maintain an ideal physical condition.

It also takes care of your urinary system thanks to its moderate level of phosphorus.

Keep in mind: if your pet changes over the years, and your relationship with her changes, then her nutrition must change to adapt to her every moment – your pet’s health will benefit!

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