Why An English Course Is Worthwhile

What is your English level? Are you bilingual? Or can you just ask for directions? And what about Business English?

The language schools have understood what it’s about and offer efficient and tailor-made English courses in many places if you missed the train…

But why does everyone talk about speaking English?

As an international language, English is an important part of education.

Mastering Shakespeare’s language offers only advantages.

Yes, even if irregular verbs, English vocabulary and grammar and pronunciation seem difficult at first: You’ll see it pays off one day – right on your paycheck.

So don’t get discouraged, and not just for financial reasons: Because English offers so much more than professional and financial opportunities!

It is like an open door not only to Anglo-Saxon culture (especially UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), but also to many other cultures.

Why? Because it enables exchange with anyone who speaks English. And that’s almost 1.5 billion people in the world!

Don’t panic, even if you currently still have a rather poor level of English, there are very efficient methods for everyone to learn English. Especially since learning English is a relatively easy task for Germans, it is also a Germanic language.

No matter what your English level – it can only go uphill! Don’t be discouraged. No matter where you start from: Anyone can reach the top of the mountain, i.e. fluency in English.

However, you won’t be able to climb the mountain without exerting yourself. It takes stamina, perseverance and perseverance to learn a foreign language. If the irregular verbs don’t stay in your head today, you have to try again tomorrow.

Every day is a new chance to learn English.

No matter what happens – stay motivated and keep the goal in mind!

There are always difficult or easier phases, and you will survive the difficult ones too! If you manage to learn a language like German, you will be able to learn English too, won’t you?

You should think to yourself: so many people have learned English, why shouldn’t I?!

And what about German? You managed that, didn’t you? Do you remember how tedious the German lessons and all the dictations and essays in the primary school were? Also not always easy, right? When you had to learn the four cases, you certainly thought, “I’ll never make it…”.

But it’s not like that. You can create anything you really want. Also fluent English.

How does that work? It depends on the right pedagogy and approach.

Therefore, it is very important that you find the right teacher who will adapt his English lessons to your personality and needs.

English lessons at school

Why do children benefit from learning English at an early age?

A child’s brain can store more information! The younger you are, the easier it is to learn.

By learning English, the child develops its cognitive abilities.

Children find it easier to learn a new language than adults.

English is firmly anchored in the curricula of lower and upper secondary schools. So why not get a head start at a younger age?

Language learning becomes easier the more languages you speak. And if it is your first foreign language, why not start with the most spoken language in the world? Promised, it’s worth it!

Once you speak English, it will be easy for you to learn Spanish, Arabic or Chinese – because you already have the practice.

Learn English for more confidence

Your child will develop intellectual curiosity and broaden his or her horizons thanks to English or American culture.

If your child is motivated enough and wants to learn English quickly, a summer camp is a good idea. No, not a normal camp. But a language camp.

It’s the best way to seize the opportunity to become bilingual at a young age. Only English is spoken there from morning until evening – the ideal setting to make enormous progress in English learning is enrolling at English Tutor in Bangkok and learn English in the shortest possible time!

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